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What is Ethereum? 2018-09-03T15:59:07+00:00

Ethereum was founded in 2014 by Vitalik Buterinand. It is a decentralized platform for smart contracts and a cryptocurrency. Smart contracts are applications that operate without any interruptions, fraud, third-party interference, or censorship of any kind.

It is build to have many different applications for people, banks, businesses, and more. At some point during 2017, many people believed that ethereum was going to beat bitcoin in its overall market cap and take over bitcoin’s number one spot. Today, ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency.

Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin? 2018-09-03T15:54:45+00:00

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and litecoin can be used to make purchases anonymously. International payments are fast, easy, and cheap because they are not tied to any bank. Small businesses may enjoy them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just buy them as an investment.

You can safely use them as cash instead of handling bills. There are thousands of online and local businesses that accept them and the list keeps on growing. They are very possibly the future of money. Learn the key reasons to buy bitcoin from our Bitcoin ATMs.

Why Growth BTM? 2018-09-03T14:04:21+00:00

Our Bitcoin ATM’s are private, secure, reliable and the most convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin with cash and in person. Our Bitcoin ATM’s allow you to join the world of cryptocurrency with just cash. That means no banks or bank accounts required!

Learn more about the key reasons to buy bitcoin and why Growth BTM is a great alternative.

Which Cryptocurrency Should I Buy? 2018-09-03T14:14:46+00:00

All cryptocurrencies sold at Growth BTM ATMs have sound uses as a payment and as a speculative asset. Bitcoin is the most valuable and most widely used cryptocurrency. It is also the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

If you are looking to save on network fees or you are looking for faster transactions, then ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin will be a better choice, as long as the business or person you are dealing with accepts that form of digital currency.

You can buy and sell any of the cryptocurrencies we offer, directly from our Bitcoin ATMs with cash.

Is Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash The Same Thing? 2018-09-03T14:15:19+00:00

Bitcoin cash is a completely separate cryptocurrency from bitcoin. They both offer the same services but bitcoin is more widely used. You will need a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet app on your phone. Sending your bitcoin cash to a bitcoin address, or visa versa, can result in you losing those funds.

What is a Digital Wallet? 2018-09-03T15:54:20+00:00

A digital wallet is where you store your cryptocurrency. Typically, each cryptocurrency requires its own digital wallet but there are wallets today that can support multiple types of digital currencies. Think of a digital wallet as a traditional wallet that you carry in your pocket. An ordinary wallet stores your cash and credit cards. A digital wallet stores cryptocurrency public and private keys.

Like traditional wallets, a digital wallet is controlled only by its owner. You can keep your digital wallet safe by either setting a strong password or otherwise keeping it out of reach. You should always make a backup of your username and password or your recovery phrase.

There are many different digital wallets such as Blockchain.infoAirbitzMycelium, and Breadwallet.

What is Bitcoin Cash? 2018-09-03T15:37:07+00:00

Bitcoin Cash or BCH is another type of decentralized cryptocurrency. It was developed by a community of supporters who wanted to increase bitcoin’s blocksize. It started in 2017 when there was a rejection of the Segwit upgrade that bitcoin adopted. Bitcoin cash has lower transaction fees than bitcoin and can be, for the most part, used the same way bitcoin and litecoin are used.

Bitcoin cash transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks required! With bitcoin cash, you can buy video games, and shop on major sites like Overstock.com.

What is Litecoin? 2018-09-03T15:38:18+00:00

Just like bitcoin, litecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase goods and services around the world. It was first launched in in 2011, making it the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Litecoin has faster confirmation times and lower transaction volumes than bitcoin. You can send litecoin faster than you can send bitcoin and for as low as fifteen cents per transaction.

What is Bitcoin? 2018-09-03T15:38:51+00:00

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency and the first of it’s kind.  You can use bitcoin to pay people and businesses for goods, property, and services, anywhere in the world, online and in-person. Bitcoin is also widely used for price speculation by people and institutions investing in bitcoin and in other forms decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies are changing the way people around the world see money and make international payments. Learn more.

How Do I Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin? 2018-09-03T15:56:20+00:00

Step 1: Type in your cell phone number on the Bitcoin ATM and input the SMS code that you receive.

Step 2: Choose where you want your cryptocurrency to be sent by scanning a QR code (recommended), printing a paper wallet (bitcoin only), or manually entering your wallet address. Our Bitcoin ATM’s work with any wallet and can create a bitcoin wallet for you if you don’t have one.

Step 3: Insert cash. Do not use crumbled bills.

Step 4: Touch “Finish” and you’ll own more cryptocurrency than before.

Learn more.

How Do I Sell Cryptocurrency and Receive Cash At the ATM? 2018-09-03T15:56:43+00:00

Step 1: Enter your cell phone number into the Bitcoin ATM then input the SMS code.

Step 2: Choose the amount of cash you would like to receive.

Step 3: Using your mobile digital wallet, scan the QR code on the machine to send the exact amount of cryptocurrency required for your transaction. Ensure that you include a miner’s fee.

Step 4: Receive a receipt with a redemption code. Don’t lose this code.

Step 5: Wait about 10 minutes for your transaction to get confirmed on the blockchain. Once confirmed you will receive an SMS letting you know that your cash is ready for pickup.

Step 6: Go back to the Bitcoin ATM, hit “Redeem” and use you the redemption code to get cash.

You can sell bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin.

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Why Haven’t My Bitcoins Shown Up? 2018-09-03T15:44:32+00:00

1) Ensure your phone is connected to the internet or try restarting your phone.

2) Check the blockchain ledger to see if your transaction has been broadcast to the network on sites like:


3) Reach out to your wallet provider for further troubleshooting because some wallets and websites require a certain amount of confirmations before your wallet balance updates. You should see the unconfirmed transaction immediately upon finishing the trade at one of our machines.

4) If you can’t find your transaction and it has been more than 30 minutes, reach out and provide your phone number, cash amount, time, and location of your trade.

How Do I Transfer Bitcoin Off My Paper Wallet? 2018-09-03T15:47:04+00:00

Step 1: Open your mobile wallet app.

Step 2: Select “Import Private Key”. This could be called something else on different apps such as “Receive”.

Step 3: Scan the bottom QR code on the paper wallet with your phone camera.

Step 4: Ensure the bitcoin is now in your phone wallet address and no longer on the paper wallet address. We strongly recommend that you immediately send the bitcoin from this paper address to another address you control. Anyone in possession of the private keys on the paper wallet can claim the bitcoin from this address.

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Why Was My Account Blocked? This Must Be An Error. 2018-09-03T15:49:19+00:00

If you feel that your account has been blocked in error, or the ATM is wrongly preventing you from access, please reach out to us and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

Additional Tips For Using Our Bitcoin ATM’s: 2018-09-03T15:48:54+00:00

1) Use your personal phone.
2) Answer all questions correctly. Always double check what you type.
3) Avoid typos when you enter information on the ATM.
4) Tell your family and friends about our ATM’s!! Always use one phone number per person to avoid losing access.

Check out our blog for additional tips on using our Bitcoin ATMs.